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Why do 40 other states regulate anesthesia services differently than Michigan?

Michigan’s current medical supervision law for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) is anti-health care access, anti-patient, and antiquated. Worse, it drives health care costs higher.

This website shares the research-based facts you need to know to understand why the Michigan Legislature must pass Senate Bill 550 to create  a smart and safe  anesthesia delivery model similar to those found in  the vast majority of states. The results will be better health care access with lower health care costs for Michigan patients and taxpayers.

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Smart & Safe Health Care: 

CRNA President Howie Drews

It's time for smart, safe health care regulations in Michigan.


Creating a smart, safe anesthesia delivery model in
Michigan would:

  • Put Michigan patients first, ahead of an out-dated anesthesia model that favors turf wars over what is best for patients and taxpayers.

  • Put Michigan’s anesthesia model in line with 40 other states, where smart, safe regulations are improving access and lowering costs.

  • Improve access to needed, often life-saving, anesthesia care for thousands of patients at Michigan hospitals.

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